The application deadline for the 2015-16 school year is December 31st 2015. Contact us to reserve a spot on one of our group tours!  

Thank you for visiting Village Montessori School to learn more about our program, philosophy and a Montessori education for your child. Village Montessori is a private, non-sectarian school committed to providing a unique child centered environment using the internationally recognized curriculum of pioneering educator, Dr. Maria Montessori. We are located in Broad Ripple Village in the heart of Indianapolis, Indiana where we provide an authentic Montessori education for children ages 3 to 6 years old.  Children must be 3 and demonstrate independent toilet skills by August 1st to be considered for enrollment. 


Village Montessori School regards education with respect to the whole child, which involves education, socialization, and acculturation. To that end, the School's purpose, mission, core values and code of ethics, acknowledge and appreciate individuality, welcome and benefit from diversity, and celebrate the harmony of this vibrant community.


Our program is unique in that we provide a full time outdoor environment that not only provides a wide variety of gross motor activities but also utilizes the environment to provide fine motor, language, math and nature to educate the child. We truly operate an outdoor "classroom" where children can freely flow indoors and out because both environmenrts have a similar structure and style.  We like to say,  "There is no such thing as inappropriate weather only inappropriate clothing".  To that end, the children are outside all day every day with a staffed teacher.


We pride ourselves on our dynamic teaching staff with each teacher bringing their unique abitlites and life into the environment. Village operates a classroom of 30 children with an AMS certified Early Childhood lead teacher, as well as three assistants with Montessori assistant training, maintaining a 10:1 student teacher ratio. Village Montessori is an American Montessori Society Full Member school. 


"The teacher must realize above all else that their task concerns a revelation of the child's soul. If they do, the steps they take with the child will be of great importance: if they do not, all their work will go for nothing... This work must have a twofold objective: constructing a suitable environment and bringing about a new attitude toward children on the part of adults.


It is necessary to create surroundings for the child that answer his needs not only from the point of view of his physical and mental health but also from the point of view of his spiritual life."

-Maria Montessori, "Education and Peace"