Parent Testimonials



"When I first visited Village Montessori I knew that it would be a wonderful and caring learning environment for my daughter, I could see the attention to detail in the surroundings, materials and the patient way the teachers interacted with the children. I was sure that my daughter would flourish at Village. What I did not expect was that through the experience of having a child at Village I became a better parent. I learned to let go and allow Clara to experience things at her own pace, make mistakes, make messes and through this process some of the power struggle issues that my three year old and I were beginning to feel dissolved into a relationship of mutual respect. I have seen Clara's awareness of her place in her community and the world around her grow with each passing year. I believe that our time at Village has helped us both to be more empathetic humans and reflect on how we can care for and participate in the community around us."


-Joanna Couture




"As parents, we love the Montessori method and philosophy.  Village came to us at a time when we were looking for some reinforcement in focus and independence for our son and it was beautifully and lovingly given at Village. Miss Amanda and all of the assistant teachers are outstanding, steady, patient, and have a wonderful sense of fun. Sam's interest in learning, his sense of compentency, and his academic progress all blossomed at Village.


He was MORE than prepared for his next learning environment!!  Emphasis on self-control, being a good friend and citizen, and taking ownership of their community were other values we noticed blossomed at the school."


-Lisa Boncosky 



"Village Montessori is a peaceful, organized, loving, and healthy school. Village Montessori is not only extraordinary, but once you’re in you become family. The care, thought, and love the teachers put into teaching is first class and I would highly recommend the school to anyone who is on the search.  The children are given an environment to thrive, grow, and build confidence that will last them a life-time."


-Megan Foley



"I wish I had gone to Village Montessori.  I think I would be a better adult.


My parents are teachers, and so I was raised to be a bit skeptical of educational philosophies and trends.  Rather, I've always thought I know a good school when I see it.  Two children spending 4 years at Village Montessori has convinced me of the virtues of Montessori as an educational method, but more than that it has reinforced my initial impression, and why I chose to send my children there - it is a great school.  From the infinitely patient and dedicated teachers to the involved parents and beautiful environment, every part of the experience at Village Montessori is designed to help children grow into caring, thoughtful, members of a community, while developing their individual gifts and talents.  Each of my daughters has grown by leaps and bounds academically, but more importantly they have grown as people. Village Montessori has helped build a strong foundation on which my children will build the rest of their lives, and I am forever grateful. "


-Elizabeth Walker



"Our three years at Village were so much more than I ever could have anticipated when we enrolled our daughter. The Montessori pedagogy was new for us. Visually we were automatically called by the beautiful aesthetics of the classroom, the order, the texture, the use of natural elements, the elegant and ordered simplicity. As parents, however, we did get a little hung up on the use of the term ‘work’…my three year old baby? Working? Won’t she have her whole lifetime for that? Why can’t we just let children be children these days?


These thoughts shaped my internal dialogue, but as the weeks, then months, then years passed, Village Montessori became a place so very valued. We came to understand and champion the Montessori approach to learning. This coupled with Village’s authentic, peaceful and joyful environment let me know for sure that sending our little one to school here is a gift to our child and to our whole family. Village has become a most definite extended family.  I feel that my daughter's social, intellectual and spiritual selves were all loved and given room to grow and bloom. We will be back with our youngest! A humble thank you for the countless hours devoted to the loving learning of our little ones."


-Amy Clayton and Aaron Rickleff



"My son was able to experience the full 3 year cycle at Village Montessori.  We watched him grow from admiring and learning from the older kids in class, to being well equipped to be a leader in the class. In the third year at Village, [his] confidence was nurtured and he relished the leadership role. At the same time, it was amazing to see the Montessori concepts “click” with him in his thinking just as we had been prepared for by his teachers. It made us believers in the Montessori materials combined with the right teachers."



-Kelly Sample

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