About Us


Our Mission


Village Montessori is dedicated to fostering the development of the whole child by implementing the philosophy and curriculum pioneered by Dr. Maria Montessori. 


Our Method


Dr. Montessori taught that individual children would progress at their own pace if placed in an enriched environment that nurtures human development. By meticulously preparing our classroom, we have created a special place where children are free to experiment, explore and learn on their own. Through observation and gentle guidance, we provide an individualized educational process which allows the environment to develop the child, rather than the adult.


Mixed Ages


Our classroom consists of children 3-6 years of age. One important component of creating a rich Montessori environment is having a range of ages within a single classroom. This provides spontaneous opportunities for collaboration, role modeling, student-to-student peer review, and engaging group discussions.  


Our Objective


The overall goal of Village Montessori is to introduce the child to reality and attempt to bring out their very best qualities. We aim to propel our students into a bright and vibrant future by providing a rich curriclum, extensive outdoor experiences and a strong sense of community.

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